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SEO MASTER Express is Do-It-Yourself style On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) software that analyzes your web pages based on the latest search engine algorithms and gives you tuning advice to help your website appear higher in search ranking.
【NEW】SEO MASTER Express is now available in “Plus” and “Unlimited” editions!

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Are you confused about how search engine optimization works? Get rid of the headaches surrounding SEO tuning by optimizing your website with SEO MASTER Express! SEO MASTER Express is “Do-It-Yourself” On-Page SEO tuning software application that can be used by anyone with lots of experienced or no experience when it comes to the world of search engine optimization. Designed for Windows and Mac users, SEO MASTER Express provides you with the varieties of SEO tools to quickly and easily perform professional quality analysis of your web pages. The best part is that SEO MASTER Express provides you with recommendations on how to improve On-Page SEO!

SEO MASTER Express is super easy to use. Anyone can perform a webpage analysis in just a few steps!

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Simple, Clean, Intuitive User Interface

The SEO MASTER Express user interface is simple, clean, and easy to use by displaying the following main panels:

  • Editor View (Upper-Left) : Displays the page HTML source code and allows you to directly edit and export the code within SEO MASTER Express.
  • Browser View (Bottom-Left) : Displays a browser preview of the page.
  • SEO Information : Displays the likelihood of a page being ranked in search results.
  • Score : A visual, graphic display and score of the page being analyzed.
UI features
Easy 3steps for SEO
Easy to use! 3-Step SEO tuning
What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique used to increase traffic from the search engines (such as Google, Yahoo!, or Bing) to a targeted website by optimizing information of the site’s web pages and its associated sites. With SEO MASTER Express, SEO can be performed in just a few steps… by yourself!

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50+ elements checklist for SEO measures!

When you outsouce SEO to SEO companies, the maximum number of pages they tune up is 10 pages. The reason is because they have to review any added contents or corrected links every time their client makes modification to the page. If the SEO company you outsouced is not familier with your services or products, it will take some time to review and it could be costly. That is why On-Page SEO is much more effective when it’s done by you.

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Always up-to-date with automatic updates!

Search Engine Algorithms are frequently updating. In order to support the changes in rankings due to the algorithm changes, SEO MASTER Express analyzes statistical data on daily basis. The information provided by books or seminors can be quickly obsolite. You can always maintain your website up-to-date by applying automatic updates when there is a major updates in algorithms.

SEO is not the end once done. It is important to conteniously add new contents and apply SEO measures to your website for gaining more traffic.

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Analysis by Data Mining Technique

SEO MASTER Express is “first-of-its-kind” SEO software application that uses data mining techniques to analyze search algorithms. This is done by analyzing the characteristics and every aspect of high-ranked web pages.

Why is data mining valuable? The primary benefit of data mining is the availability of detailed numerical conversion data that is gathered by statistically analyzing select elements individually, and based on a wide range of parameters. In short, data mining provides highly reliable and objective data that does not include subjective data.

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Pair up with CMS!

With SEO MASTER Express, you can optimize Content Management System (CMS) based web pages (e.g. WordPress) by applying and implementing the suggestions and recommendations provided by SEO MASTER Express. Intermediate and advanced web designers who prefer to work with and edit in HTML can make changes directly to the page source code with SEO MASTER to see the improvement. Once all corrections are successfully made with SEO MASTER Express, you just need to apply those changes in CMS!

Note: Due to compatibility issues, some CMS based websites will not allow you to access or make changes within SEO MASTER Express. To confirm if your CMS based website is compatible with SEO MASTER Express, we recommend that you download and install SEO MASTER Express Trial before purchasing a license for SEO MASTER Express.

Windows/Mac compatible!
Install SEO MASTER on two computers.

You can install SEO MASTER on two computers. Install on both Windows and/or Mac, or mix & match for your personal use!

System Requirement
Win/Mac Compatible
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Proven excellence.
Awards for SEO MASTER Series.

The SEO MASTER series is high-quality SEO tuning software application that has been proven to achieve results, and has received many awards and reviews in Japan.

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