Media Release 2015-03-27

Media Release 2015-03-27


SEO MASTER Express is a DIY style on-page SEO tuning desktop application that provides instant analysis and recommendations for improved webpage search rankings

Victoria, BC, Canada – March 27, 2015 – LODESTAR COMMUNICATIONS LTD. today announced the availability of “SEO MASTER Express Plus” and “SEO MASTER Express Unlimited”, two new editions to complement their core SEO MASTER Express software. The new editions are being released in response to strong demand from existing SEO MASTER Express clients in the Business and SOHO sectors. Designed for both Windows and Mac users, SEO MASTER Express provides a wide variety of SEO tools to generate detailed recommendations resulting in professional quality analysis and optimization for web pages.

SEO MASTER Express has been designed to meet the needs of the Business and SOHO markets as it is the most efficient and cost-effective solution for website owners who prefer to maintain the on-page SEO of their website in-house rather than incurring additional costs and expenses by relying on specialists or outsourcing the task to SEO companies.

Compared to web-based SEO applications priced at $90+/month, at a regular price of just $12/month SEO MASTER Express also provides an affordable and accessible option for beginners wanting to learn webpage optimization. In addition to its affordable pricing, SEO MASTER Express provides professional-level advice to help improve webpage rankings, and is commonly recommended as the best SEO tool for all levels of users, from beginner to professional.

SEO MASTER Express is a simple and easy to use software application that analyzes webpages to ensure optimized search engine performance. By simply following the detailed recommendations provided by SEO MASTER Express, users can apply professional quality changes and optimize webpages for improved results and higher search engine rankings. The technology behind SEO MASTER Express also implements automatic updates, ensuring that any changes recommended by SEO MASTER Express take into account the most recent and up to date North American search engine algorithms.

SEO MASTER Express Plus includes:

  1. 1 domain
  2. Unlimited pages
  3. Unlimited keywords
  4. Automatic updates for North American search engine algorithms

SEO MASTER Express Plus includes:

  1. Unlimited domains
  2. Unlimited pages
  3. Unlimited keywords
  4. Automatic updates for North American search engine algorithms

SEO MASTER Express is a creation of Japanese developer Axis Inc. and distributed by Allegro Marketing Inc. in Japan. SEO MASTER Express received the “Enterprise Award” at Adobe’s annual AIR Contest in 2011.

SEO MASTER products can be found online at, on Twitter at @SEOMASTERStore and on Facebook at

Pricing & Availability

SEO MASTER Express is available online at a suggested retail price of $139.95 (US), $184.00 (US) for the Plus edition and $700.00 (US) for the Unlimited edition for a one year subscription. More information, including full system requirements and promotional pricing, can be found online at

About Developers

Axis Inc.
Founded in Sapporo, Japan in 2005, Axis Inc. develops an award winning in-house style SEO software “SEO MASTER” while providing the pay-per-performance style SEO services to Japanese clients.

About Allegro Marketing Inc.
Allegro Marketing Inc. is a manufacturer/publisher who markets and distributes PC software including SEO MASTER in Japan through retail stores, online downloads, OEM sales, and educational seminars which promote in-house SEO.

About Lodestar Communications Ltd.
Founded in Victoria, Canada, Lodestar Communications Ltd. provides flexible B2B e-commerce solutions that allow clients from all over the world to maximize their revenues by expanding their business and brand appearance in a targeted region while reducing fixed operational costs. Lodestar Communications Ltd. specializes in providing clients with exceptional service in areas such as online store creation, design services, localization services, strategic local marketing and PR services, customer service, and logistical services for physical products.

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Naoko Katayama
Lodestar Communications Ltd.

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