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Highly Reliable Statistical Analysis by Data Mining Technique

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SEO MASTER Express uses a highly reliable statistical data process which is calculated based on the Kruskal-Wallis test to determine the correlation between each SEO element and the ranking factors that are collected from over 100,000 webpages. In addition, certain methodologies, techniques, processes, and results are collected from a knowledge base comprised of the experiences from 3,500+ companies. Since SEO MASTER Express utilizes non-subjective statistical data, anyone can easily perform professional quality SEO tuning without any special skills or any prior experience or knowledge.

SEO MASTER uses a “Data Mining” technique
to analyze the search algorithms

There are two main ways to analyze search algorithms. SEO MASTER Express uses the “Data Mining Technique” for analyzing search algorithms; therefore, it is always up-to-date because automatic updates are applied to SEO MASTER Express when there are major updates to the algorithms.

Techniques for Search Algorithms Analysis

Technique 1: Testing measures on own website

Apply specific SEO measures that have proven effective at ranking another website highly, and apply those to own (targeted) website to evaluate whether the ranking on your website goes up (or down).

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Technique 2: Analysis by Data Mining Technique

Data mining technique is a method of analyzing the tendencies and traits of high-ranked websites from every aspect.

Analysis by Data Mining Technique

SEO MASTER Express is a “first-of-its-kind” SEO software application that uses data mining techniques to analyze search algorithms. This is done by analyzing the characteristics and every aspect of high-ranked web pages.

Why is data mining valuable? The primary benefit of data mining is the availability of detailed numerical conversion data that is gathered by statistically analyzing select elements individually, and based on a wide range of parameters. In short, data mining provides highly reliable and objective data that does not include subjective data. SEO MASTER Express can display recommendations for over 50 elements that are considered to be important in SEO through utilization of this data mining technique.

SEO MASTER Express has been designed to optimize the pages of a website against the frequent changes in search engine algorithms by performing statistical analysis on daily basis.

Analysis by Data Mining Technique
Based on 250 randomly chosen keywords, collects data from the top 50 results in Yahoo! and Google’s search engine rankings, a total of 12,500 webpages (250 keywords X 50 pages).
Performs a statistical analysis of the most significant SEO elements in the 12,500 webpages.
Based on the data obtained, determines whether the search ranking and SEO elements are correlated or not.

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