SEO Tuning for Less by Doing It Yourself

Cost-Performance Comparison.
SEO MASTER Express vs SEO Companies

Understanding and implementing SEO can be time consuming and costly, especially if you are using third party professionals to analyze and implement changes to improve your page SEO.

With SEO MASTER Express, you will have access to professional quality tools and the latest SEO technologies and techniques that will allow you to quickly and easily perform an analysis of your web pages. Implementing the recommended changes to improve your page SEO will lower your online marketing costs while maximizing the potential of achieving your online marketing goals.

SEO MASTER Express Book SEO Companies
Service A Service B Service C
Initial Cost $135/year Average $20/book $300/3months $1000 $1500
Number of Keywords Unlimited n/a Up to 3 keywords 1 keyword only 1 keyword only
Number of Pages 10 n/a Contract per URL Contract per URL Contract per URL
Monthly Fee
$0 $0 $0 $300 max $150 – $5000
Tuning Fee $0 (in-house) $0 (in-house) $0 (in-house) $500 Included in initial cost
  • Automatic Update to the latest algorithms
  • SEO measures based on statistical data
  • Detailed advices
  • Email support
  • The cheapest measure
  • Free advice at the first session
  • SEO specialist does the job
  • SEO Specialist does the job
  • HTML correction required
  • HTML correction required
  • Information may become obsolite
  • No support
  • HTML correction required
  • Contract renewal required every 3 months
  • Addtional cost occurs every time the page ranks high
  • SEO may be performed without following Google’s guideline
  • Applied SEO measures may become obsolite in the future
  • Addtional cost occurs every time the page ranks high
  • SEO may be performed without following Google’s guideline
  • Applied SEO measures may become obsolite in the future
SEO For Every Page

SEO MASTER Express is an SEO tuning software application based on the “Long-Tail” SEO methodology which is an effective way to increase site traffic by setting one keyword per page, instead of tuning with multiple keywords on specific pages only. Utilizing the Long-Tail SEO technique on every webpage with SEO MASTER Express will lead to an improvment in the page’s search rankings.

While third party SEO companies use a traditional “branding” SEO method, SEO MASTER Express uses a highly reliable statistical data process to optimize every page within the website. A site with many webpages will provide multiple doorways for visitors to enter the site. Designing and creating a site with many pages will act as multiple access points for visitors to enter the site. The result will be an increase in site traffic and the number of page views which will lead to an improvement in page rankings. This method of SEO is called “Long-Tail SEO”. SEO MASTER Express is the perfect solution for optimizing all the pages of your site by selecting your niche keywords. The best part of SEO MASTER Express is that you can do it quickly and all by yourself!

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SEO Tuning for Less.
Accumulate know-how while using SEO MASTER.

SEO MASTER Express is a “Do-It-Yourself” software application that is the perfect tool for those who want to perform and apply page SEO modifications and enhancements by themselves. Instead of outsourcing page SEO to a third party specialist or professional, you can accumulate and grow your SEO know-how while using SEO MASTER Express.

SEO Tuning

SEO MASTER Express analyzes the optimization level of your website and webpages, and displays a visual, graphic summary of your site and pages. Recommendations and suggested courses of action are highlighted where potential problematic areas have been identified. By simply following the recommendations displayed on the software screen, anyone can easily apply professional quality SEO modifications and enhancements to the webpages. SEO MASTER Express is designed to collect reliable statistical data from 100,000+ URLs. The technology behind SEO MASTER Express will also apply automatic updates to the software application when there is a change in Google’s algorithm. This ensures that you are using the latest technologies and SEO methodologies currently available.

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