Checking the number of meta keyword tags

Checking the number of meta keyword tags

SEO MASTER Express checks the number of meta keyword tags for your site. Every page contains one tag for meta keywords at the beginning of the page. Although one meta keyword tag is set in WordPress templates as the default setting, when you install additional plug-ins (which allows you to set the title and meta keywords for each page) another meta keyword tag will be added to the page. In this case, meta keywords added on the template side are best deleted as they are not necessary.

What is the “number of meta keyword tags”?

The “number of meta keyword tags” is the number of meta keywords that are placed in the <head> tag.

An example of two meta keyword tags set in a page

When you install an “All in One SEO Pack” on WordPress, two meta keyword tags are set for the page. The source code of the page is displayed in the browser as below:

<!– All in One SEO Pack *.*.*.* by * of * Design[*,*] –>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”meta,keywords,number,seo,word” />
<!– /all in one seo pack –>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”meta,keywords,number,seo,word” />

Check the “number of meta keyword tags” with SEO MASTER Express

SEO MASTER Express allows you to check the number of meta keyword tags in your website simply and easily.


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