Checking your website’s keyword search volume and ranking

Checking your website’s keyword search volume and ranking

The following factors are relatively important when carrying out Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other web-based advertisements for your website.

  • The search volume for a given keyword; and
  • The rank of your web page based on a certain keyword.
When performing SEO, search volume is not always the most important factor. If for example your website has many competing websites which are evaluated much higher than your website by the search engine, your website may not even be ranked in the top 10 hits, even with SEO measures in place.

Knowing the search volume is still important in order to avoid wasting a time and effort performing SEO with incorrect keywords that result in little to no search volume.

Performing SEO with two types of keywords: Search volume cannot be too large, cannot be too little

  • Performing SEO with a keyword that has large search volume (big word)
    Even when SEO is performed on a single page, results may underperform with keywords that have large search volumes. If you choose a “big word” as a keyword, you will need to perform SEO by adding more content that is relevant to a topic of the chosen keyword in order to be ranked higher. Since competing sites do the same for SEO, you will need to spend more time and effort to provide more quality and detailed content on your website.

  • Performing SEO with a keyword that has little search volume (niche word)
    It is easier to rank higher if you perform SEO with “niche word” on a single page. However, even if your website ranks higher due to using a keyword that has very little search volume, potential customers may not use the keyword to search, resulting in few visitors to the site. When selecting a search keyword, it is recommended to use Google AdWord to check a monthly search volume.

  • When selecting a search keyword, it is recommended to carry out SEO through a comparison of Google’s current evaluations for your site with other competing sites.

    How to check the search volumes for a keyword

    Google provides some free tools such as Google AdWords and Google Trends. SimilarWeb is also a useful site for analyzing keywords used in competing sites.

    Google AdWords

    With Google AdWords, you can list advertisements for your website based on specific keywords. There is a “Keyword Planner” feature in the “Operation Tool” menu.

    *You will need a Google accounts to use Google AdWords.

    Google Trends

    With Google Trends, you can examine the history and past trends of certain keywords. There is also a tool for trend prediction, indicated by a dotted line. This is a useful tool for finding trends for new brands or a good keyword for seasonal merchandise.

    How to determine the search ranking of a website

    To determine the search ranking of a website, the best “real world” method is to use a specific keyword in the actual search engine. Below is an explanation of how to determine the search ranking of a website by using five or more keywords.

    Webmaster Tools

    Using the Webmaster tools provided by Google, you can find a ranking, monthly search volumes and the number of clicks for the website you are managing.

    How to analyze competing sites


    This is a useful website for analyzing the ways in which a competing site attracts customers. Although the data are not perfect, you can find which search keywords are being used most, the transition rates for the number of visitors in the past, and where the site was accessed from (entry pathway).

    On-page SEO after keyword selection

    After selecting your keywords, it is important to find a way to attract customers and increase conversion. There are two types of keywords; one is suitable for listing in advertisements and the other is oriented towards SEO tuning. While optimizing keywords for advertisements can lead to revenue immediately, you should also do on-page SEO. If there is no appropriate content oriented towards keywords that are suitable for the advertisement, it is highly recommended that you newly create this content.

    SEO MASTER Express

    There are also keywords that are not suitable for advertisements but may be useful in increasing the number of visitors to your site dramatically, despite not leading to an immediate increase in conversions. These keywords are useful for building brand awareness, and performing SEO measures can compensate for their weakness. It is often the case that certain keywords do not immediately result in a sale, but result in customers returning to a well branded website and an eventual conversion. SEO MASTER Express is a simple yet powerful software tool that is recommended for high performance website tuning and optimization.

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