Location of keywords appearing in the title tag

50+ elements for On-page SEO

Location of keywords appearing in the title tag

As one of over 50 evaluation factors, SEO MASTER Express recommends where to place the keywords in the title tag. The title tag is the most effective and easiest tag to optimize among all on-page SEO elements that affect page rankings.

What does “Location of keywords appearing in the title tag” mean?

“Location of keywords appearing in title tag” refers to the position of keywords included in the <title> elements within the <head> tag. There is a certain position (beginning, middle, or end) that works most effectively for the selected keywords.

Below is an example of a multi-keyword used in long-tail SEO. A keyword for long-tail SEO should be configured using two or three words.


What is multi-keyword?

A multi-keyword is a keyword consisting of a combination of specific words. For example, if you want to perform SEO for an advance sale of carnations in a flower-related online shop, the following keywords can be used:

  • Carnation pre-order Delivery
  • Mother’s day carnation pre-order
  • Carnation online delivery
In this way, a keyword consisting of several words may have a greater possibility of leading customers towards an eventual purchase than using a single keyword like “carnations”. Although single keywords will rank highly in search results, their wider use also means that there is more competition among sites using that one keyword. Therefore, we recommend using a multi-keyword approach to attracting customers, particularly for a specific sales strategy like the one mentioned above.

Advice on location of keywords appearing in the title tag

For multi-keywords of less than three words, SEO software SEO MASTER Express statistically analyzes a web page and provides detailed advice on where to place the multi-keyword in a title tag for optimal results.


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