What is on-page SEO?

What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO (search engine optimization) is a method of increasing your website’s hits and conversion rates by fine-tuning the internal structure of the site and its html tags. This effectively optimizes your site for each search engine, displaying it higher in search engine results. SEO MASTER Express is on-page SEO tuning software that analyzes and optimizes your website based on more than 50 factors that play a critical role in on-page SEO.

Search engine algorithms play a key role in determining a website’s search rankings, based on more than 200 indexing factors. Methods for optimizing search engine results can be roughly divided into two types: off-page SEO and on-page SEO.

What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO is a method for increasing search engine rankings by increasing the number of back links from external sites. The search engine determines the number of inbound links from sites with related themes and quality, which results in a specific ranking.

In the past, back link specialists would add back links manually or by using some kind of an automated system. Compared to on-page SEO, this was relatively easy for the site owner because they didn’t need to do anything to their site. However, following Google’s implementation of a guideline considering the purchase of back links as a form of spamming, the necessity of on-page SEO became increasingly apparent.

In fact, the past several years saw Google actually penalizing some publishers and suppliers in terms of website rankings, even going to the lengths of removing them from their website rankings altogether. This resulted in customer awareness of those websites decreasing significantly, as they would no longer show up in search results. To avoid this risk, on-page SEO is overtaking off-site SEO as the primary method of achieving a higher search engine result, due to increased emphasis on optimizing the content of website’s pages.

On-page SEO explained

On-page SEO is a process of tuning core SEO factors such as number of pages, title tags, heading tags, images, contents, keyword balance, link balance, and themes to match the latest search engine algorithms, which can change on an everyday basis.

From a website visitor’s point of view, useful website content is a critical factor for enhanced SEO these days. On-page SEO plays the key role in optimizing the content of the page so that a search engine can easily understand the purpose of the page and display it in the rankings.

In the past, embedding a keyword in a site’s meta description, title, or alt was a popular way of fine-tuning a webpage; however, with recent changes to Google’s evaluation metrics, this has also changed, as embedding an excessive number of keywords is also considered spamming.

Compared with off-page SEO, manual optimization of on-page SEO is a time-consuming way to improve a page’s rankings. In addition, since Google does not provide specific indicators of what their algorithms look for, finding the “sweet spot” for optimizing a page using manual on-page SEO can be difficult.

Enhanced on-page SEO

In order to improve the efficiency and accumulation of know-how related to SEO, in-house SEO is increasingly overtaking SEO outsourcing in recent years. Longtail SEO is one method and one of the most effective ways of performing on-page SEO. By performing longtail SEO on many pages across a website, various keyword combinations will emerge that can help increase the number of hits for a page.

The risks of SEO can be reduced by longtail SEO

As an example, consider a website where only a few pages are optimized for increasing the number of hits. One of the risks that SEO presents is that the number of hits could be dramatically and suddenly reduced by unexpected changes in algorithms or an index update. By performing longtail SEO so that it effectively fine-tunes a webpage, strengthening the content based on a unique keyword, it becomes possible to maintain the number of hits to other pages on the site, even if hits on one page decrease.

SEO MASTER Express is a simple yet powerful software tool that allows you to perform on-page and longtail SEO in-house, enhancing your website’s rankings for any search engine.

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