Optimizing Title Tag Length

Optimizing Title Tag Length

As one of the 50+ elements used for SEO evaluation, SEO MASTER Express recommends an optimum number of characters for the title tag. The title tag is one of the most effective and easiest tags to optimize among all on-page SEO elements that affect page rankings.

What is “Title Tag Length”?

The length of the title tag is the total number of characters that are describing the <title> statement in the <head> tag.

  • Title tags and click rates

  • A title tag usually appears in search results, and is more likely to gain clicks compared to other search results when the title is an optimum length and easy to understand. All or part of the title tag will be omitted in the search results when the number of characters in the title tag exceeds a certain length. On the other hand, when the title tag is too short, it becomes difficult for users to quickly understand the topic of the page, resulting in fewer clicks.

    ▼ When the title tag is too long, it will be partially omitted and instead be shown as “…” in the search results, resulting in less information about the page being successfully transmitted.


  • The effects of title tags on search rankings

  • In addition to providing supplementary information about a page as part of the search results, the title tag also greatly and directly affects the search rankings of a given page. In creating a title tag, it is important to include keywords that allow search engines to understand the content of the page, as well as to create an attractive title statement for users by leveraging the optimal (maximum) number of characters in the title tag.

  • SERP (Search Results Page)

  • The design of the Google’s SERP (search results page) was changed on March 14, 2014. When it comes to title tag length, the number of characters that will be displayed in the search results will change slightly depending on the search keywords. The new SERP design limits the title width that appears in the search results, which can affect the overall display of the title tag. For example, when the search query matches the keywords in the title, the keywords will be displayed in bold. This affects the visible title width, as words will then be omitted due to the limitation in the space available.

    *So far, this design change has not impacted overall search rankings for a page, simply its appearance in search results.

    ▼The title in the search result is sometimes partially omitted and instead shown as “…” when there are too many words in the title tag that match the search query.


Optimize Title Tag Length with SEO MASTER Express

SEO software “SEO MASTER Express” recommends the optimum length for title tags based on in-depth statistical analysis, ensuring that your site always achieves its best results.

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