Repeating Keywords in the Title Tag

50+ elements for On-page SEO

Repeating Keywords in the Title Tag

As one of the 50+ elements used for SEO evaluation, SEO MASTER Express recommends an optimum number of repeats for keywords in the title tag. The title tag is one of the most effective and easiest tags to optimize among all on-page SEO elements that affect page rankings.

What does “Repeating Keywords in the Title Tag” mean?

Keywords used in carrying out SEO can be one-word keywords or even three-word keywords. More words in the keyword result in it becoming a niche keyword, and will be more likely to appear higher in search results.

When long-tail SEO is performed, SEO MASTER recommends a three-word keyword (also called a compound or multi-keyword) instead of one-word keyword (commonly referred to as a “big word”).

Specific examples of multi-keyword

For example, if you own a WordPress hosting company in Los Angeles, search engines would view your company as follows:

  • Web design WordPress price
  • LA Web design WordPress
  • LA Web design price
  • LA WordPress Hosting

Number of keywords in the title tag

SEO software “SEO MASTER Express” recommends the optimum number of times to repeat keywords in the title tag, based on statistical analysis.


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