When setting an H1 tag, which is more effective, an image or text?

When setting an H1 tag, which is more effective, an image or text?

In the initial stages of creating your website using a CMS (Content Management System) or editor software, an H1 tag is often set to an image space where the company logo will be placed. If your website is created without this in mind, your company logo will be set as an H1 tag for every page.

Because H1 tags appear as the title of the page, they should be reflect the topic of an individual page by summarizing its content. In addition, since each page should offer visitors different content, a different title for each page is a highly recommended approach.

What are H1 tags? What are they used for?

H1 tags help visitors clearly understand the purpose of the page by displaying a short summary of the page’s content as its title.

How to check the search volumes for a keyword

Google provides some free tools such as Google AdWords and Google Trends. SimilarWeb is also a useful site for analyzing keywords used in competing sites.

H1 tags describe each page using text

Some CMS and editor software use the same text for both the H1 tag and the title tag. There is no significant problem in terms of ranking even if the same text is set to both the H1 tag and title tag, but their intended roles are different.

*You will need a Google accounts to use Google AdWords.

The role of H1 tags in a webpage

H1 tags are usually visible on each page, while title tags are often not readily apparent. In this case, the length of text for an H1 tag depends on the page layout. Along with the page layout, it is important to set the text for H1 tags with an appropriate number of characters so visitors can easily read them.

H1 tag in page

The role of H1 tags in search results

H1 tags are not included in the title or description of a webpage in search results, but title tags are used to create a title for search results. Because there is a limit on the length of titles that can appear in search results, it is important to ensure that titles are short but provide enough information to makes potential visitors want to click.

H1 tag in page

Setting an H1 tag to an image

In the case where setting an H1 tag to text is difficult or not possible for some reason and there is no choice but to set it to an image, it should be described using an appropriate alt tag for the image.

Google commented on the need for good H1 tags in the following blog post:

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