Setting Noscript and JavaScript Descriptions

Setting Noscript and JavaScript Descriptions

As one of the 50+ elements used for SEO evaluation, SEO MASTER Express checks the description of <noscript> in a web page. Noscript is used to specify the contents of a web page to a browser in cases where Javascript or other code will not work properly.

What are Noscript and JavaScript?

<noscript> is generally used together with JavaScript. In cases where JavaScript will not work properly, noscript can be used to specify the contents of a web page to a browser.

An example of noscript:

<script type=”text/javascript”>
today = new Date();
A script that displays date and time.

Noscript as spam

Noscript is not always considered spam. However, noscript may be considered spam when many keywords or links, which are recognized as hidden links, are included in the noscript. In order to avoid being deleted from a search index, multiple keywords or hidden links should be avoided when using noscript.

SEO MASTER Express automatically checks noscript

SEO MASTER Express identifies errors and provides advice if there is a description for <no script> where no JavaScript is written. SEO MASTER Express will prompt you to review the descriptions when an error is identified.

noscript tag

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